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What is Pin-Up Live?

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Pin-Up Live! is a real-time visual chat about travel. The chat takes place on Pinterest™ at the Pin-Up Live! board. It’s the first of its kind – the first live chat on Pinterest and the only travel chat anywhere that is based on visual questions.

Pin-Up Live! makes pinning social! It allows pinners to share their own travel experiences, to provide travel inspiration and tips while chatting with new like-minded friends.

Pin-Up Live! is dual purpose, not only was it created to promote engagement between pinners, but to also bring them in contact with fantastic travel destinations and brands! It does this by having one guest host in the travel industry that chats with the pinners and is promoted during the chat by the Pin-Up Live! team.

The Pin-Up Live! chat gives a top-notch travel brand the opportunity to live chat with a very engaged following each week. These are pinners that are actively looking to talk and learn about travel and they want to chat with you.